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March 2023
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It seems incredible that I am already a third of the way through my Captain’s year. Not much golf Nov/Dec/Jan but now gradually increasing. I have however, witnessed a lot of backroom work from both the Golf Club’s Staff and some Members, to prepare us for the coming Spring, Summer and Autumn Competitions, Matches and Entertainment. I will try to keep this brief.

Club Matches: The sign-up sheets for the Seniors, Men's Interleague/Friendly/KO Matches and the Mixed Matches are all on the board. If you have never played Club Matches before, have a try. It is a great way to meet new friends and play other courses for a very low price. In Seniors, Men's Friendly & Mixed you are normally expected to play both home and away legs.

Seniors: There appears to be some confusion with 1 or 2 members on the dress code for the meal after Seniors Home Matches. The standard dress code is smart casual (i.e. Jacket, Slacks and Shirt. The wearing of a tie is optional). Last year the tie started at 50/50 and gradually became 70/30. At my drive-in, I asked if Team Players could indulge me in having some fun, by wearing a garish tie to the 9 home matches, for which I would supply a bottle of wine each time for the most outlandish tie in the eyes of the visiting Captain. Of course, if anyone doesn’t want to join in the fun, it is not a problem, just don’t wear a tie. I would not want anyone not to play because of wearing a tie for Lunch.

Competitions: I am re-introducing the Scratch and Handicap Eclectics this year. The Eclectic scores will be based on all Medal rounds throughout the year, so if you have a bad start to the year or have to miss a few, don’t worry there are plenty of competitions to catch up. The great thing about Eclectics they encourage people to play well throughout the year, as you can catch up right up to the very last competition. Steve will be working out the tables and will publish them on howdidido and the notice board on a regular basis. There will be a one-off entry fee of £5 at the beginning of the year and all entry fees will be used for Eclectic prizes at the end of the year.

Competitions: 2’s: By popular demand, we are re-introducing 2’s into Club competitions. As usual, this will be totally optional. When you sign in for a competition and before you end the transaction, you will be offered a chance to enter the 2’s. The fee of £1 will be taken from your bar card. All fees will be split amongst those who have 2’s on the day and the money put on your bar card. In the unlikely event of no one getting a 2 the pot will be carried over to the next competition on the same day of the week (e.g. Sat to Sat or Wed to Wed).

Match Food: Across the land food prices have gone up by 10%-15% and more on some items. The cost of food at the club has gone up this year. However, Rebecca and her Team have managed to control our increases extremely well. One of the benefits of in-house catering. The Office is making enquiries at other to ensure our members have no surprises on arrival at other Clubs. Rebecca, Team Managers and I will discuss any areas, where a potential issue is highlighted and we will then look at possible alternatives.

Finally, but not least - Charity: As you know my Charity this year is the Sussex, Kent and Surrey Air Ambulance Service. This group saves lives and reduce the effects of accidents on people on a daily basis, yet they are almost completely funded by charitable donations. My CHARITY DAY this year is on Bank Holiday Monday 1st May. I would be grateful if any of our Members or their Businesses could possibly sponsor a hole or provide some raffle prizes for this great cause. If you can, please advise me at or drop a note into the office.

The Birdie Book will be in the Spike Bar again before the start of the 1st competition. For those who don’t know the Birdie book is used to enter your name and the hole you made the birdie (or eagle) and the date of the competition by a specific number. At the end of my year, numbers will be drawn to win prizes. Obviously, the more birdies you enter the more chances of winning. For this, it is hoped you will make a small donation to my charity, either in the Large Whiskey bottle by the Birdie Book or thanks to modern methods, via your members card over the bar.

Our course is looking good for this time of year and will only improve. I wish you all great golfing and fine weather.


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