2024 WHS Update - April 1st
From April 1st
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As you may be aware there will be some updates to the WHS (World Handicap System) which can be viewed here.

WHS Update April 2024

The Key Changes are: -

Course Handicap using Course Rating minus Par:-

Course Rating Minus Par Video

A good way to explain this is, if your Handicap Index is 18.2 your Highwoods Course Handicap will now be the following: -

Men's Yellow - Course Handicap = 18
Men's Blue - Course Handicap = 20
Men's White - Course Handicap = 21

Women's Red - Course Handicap = 21
Women's Yellow - Course Handicap = 25

There will be new handicap tables on display from April 1st which can also be found on the Members Hub here: Course Handicap Tables APRIL 2024

With these changes, the Handicap Index Limits for Trophy and Board Competitions are now 36.4 for Ladies and 35.9 for Men. There will also be some small changes to competitions that currently have Handicap Limits & Divisions.

The Inclusion of Pairs Four Ball Better Ball Scores - Essentially and only if your team scores 42 Points or more and where a player has featured 9 times or more, this will trigger inclusion in the handicap calculation and will be added to your handicap record.

Team Match Play allowance application: The application of allowances in team match play events has also been changed so that the % is applied to the difference between the players course handicaps, taken from the lowest player upwards.

When Registering a Competition or General Play Round on the PSI or Howdidido this will now be called an 'Acceptable Score' and will now require you to enter a markers name when adding the score.

Further resources can be found on the England Golf website England Golf WHS

We have been assured by our software provider Club Systems that when it goes live on April 1st these changes will update seamlessly on our systems.

If do have any queries and questions please do let us know and we will be happy to explain in more detail.

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Course open 18 holes - 14th is now open, you may use any trolley. Small ride-on buggies, please use the buggy map to navigate the course.The course is still wet in areas, please be careful as it's very slippery in places.
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